In the Netherlands we are known for several things, but one of these things that we are collectively most proud of are our flowers. The love for these cut flowers is also great internationally, and Lars Elbæk saw an opportunity here. With his company FloraNova, he exports cut flowers and plants from Dutch soil directly from the auction in Aalsmeer to flower lovers in Denmark.

To guarantee the correct transportation of these flowers, FloraNova works with multi-use packaging, or returnable transport items. Despite the many advantages, this also leads to some risks. The registration of flower containers is very important, which is why they now use TellApe. In this blog you can read all about how they use the app and what it means to work with reusable packaging in the flower sector.


Can you tell me a little bit more about your company?

“FloraNova is a web-based flower wholesaler, that allows customers to buy flowers directly from the Aalsmeer Veiling in the Netherlands through our partner Van Dijk Bloemen. We are a small company consisting of two men and two trucks that deliver flowers to flower shops at night and early in the morning. However, every day we have somewhere between 1200 and 1500 different cut flowers to choose from. We are also affiliated with Waterdrinker, a wholesaler of potted plants at the auction in Aalsmeer. Here, we offer about 2500 different plants every day.

We source our flowers directly from Columbia, Ecuador and Kenya, just to name a few. In addition, we receive cuts straight from Dutch gardeners every morning to guarantee freshness. We use Danish Trolleys and plastic crates to transport flowers. When delivering, we take back the RTI’s we left behind last time.”

How did you come into contact with TellApe?

“Coincidentally, I was also working on my own packaging solution! I asked myself one day, ‘My supplier always has X amount and I return X amount, and I wonder what the balance is.’ I had an idea and we were pretty far, but I wanted it to be conducted as a university research. It also took quite a bit of time to find the right approach and target audience because no one understood how big the problem was. While researching information, I discovered TellApe.

I actually found TellApe by searching through Google, and I spoke to a colleague about it. It was pretty easy and quick, because I already knew what I wanted. I do have great ambitions when it comes to multi-use packaging management and I hope to be able to trace items throughout the entire chain in the future. Ultimately, I even want to work on a database in which all companies can view their packaging balances.”

What was the problem you were dealing with?

“We were looking for a solution for the registration of flower containers and my supplier also noticed that this was something we need. We used to send separate invoices for the flower buckets, but this took a lot of time. You have to calculate and remember how much you have. In addition, I paid for my flower carts from one supplier with carts from another, but there wasn’t an overview of these transactions anywhere. I would pay 80 euros per cart if I lost them and it wasn’t even added to an invoice.

This is of course very inconvenient, but this is really the only way people work right now. The risk is underestimated. There is an enormous amount of money that goes into the industry involved, and those are just the buckets. It is a very fragile system, mainly because people are not aware of the monetary value of RTI’s. This where TellApe is an advantage, it offers insights.”

My supplier always has X amount and I return X amount, and I wonder what the balance is.

Was multi-use packaging a big concern for the company?

“Concern may be too big a word. We noticed the issue on time and fortunately the problem was not so big that we had to worry about it a great deal. However, because we continued to lose packaging, we did lose time and money and that is of course not ideal. I prefer to use this time and money for other, more useful things.”

How did TellApe help solve this problem?

“I work with multiple stores, with multiple suppliers, with transport items coming in from multiple suppliers. There are many stakeholders and some companies also lose substantial amounts of money, but we also steal from each other. If I’m out delivering and I take back things I know are not mine, that’s stealing, and someone does the same thing to me. Losing one bucket is not expensive, but if you lose 20 a week, it quickly adds up. TellApe offers important insights, especially in costs, and it simplifies the registration of flower containers. Since I started registering items with TellApe, I no longer have the problem of not knowing where which RTI’s are going or coming from. Nor do I have to worry about significant losses anymore.”

What do you personally enjoy most about TellApe?

“It is very user-friendly and easy. It would be really nice to add automatic locations in the app, but now I’m happy with the services. I think it can be used by everyone, it is easy and can be implemented throughout the chain. TellApe as a base also offers options that you cannot even dream of. Anyone who has anything to do with renting can benefit from it. It saves paperwork and is simple to use. It is also nice that TellApe is open to listening to users and look at future developments.”

I think it can be used by everyone, it is easy and can be implemented throughout the chain.

Can you summarize your experiences with TellApe in a few sentences?

“I am simply very satisfied. TellApe is a good, time-saving solution, the registration of flower containers and other items is simple and it helps prevent loss of money and assets.

How can TellApe help you?

TellApe is the number one multi-use packaging administration and registration app. The diversity of the solution makes it possible for companies from different industries to use the solution. Not only the registration of flower containers is possible with TellApe. Multi-use packaging from any company, including specially developed or personal items, can be registered using TellApe. Because of this, companies in every industry can use the TellApe packaging solution.

Drivers and unloaders register items in the app and the receiving party can digitally confirm and sign these registrations in the app. The administration can then view and manage all packaging transactions in the online portal. The app is user-friendly, clear, fast and provides personal insights that are indispensable for your company!


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