Almost every company in the supply chain has to deal with the issue and collection of goods. A producer makes goods and then distributes them to a wholesaler. The wholesaler takes the goods, stacks or repacks them and sends them on transport to the retailer. The goods are transported on transport items, also called load carriers. Transport items often have to be returned to the wholesaler or producer. There are several companies that are specialized in return logistics, but TellApe has a different view on this.

Returnable transport items

Packaging are also called transport items or returnable transport items (RTI’s). When we talk about returnable transport items, the name implicates that the owner wants the item in return at some point. The RTI’s are designed in such way that the transport items can be reused and ensure a more sustainable economy. However, consideration must be also given to how the return logistic process are organized. Issuing goods with transport items are often never a problem. Because this happens almost automatically when the order is placed. Therefore, return logistics is a profession on its own.  It should be carefully considered how to deal with this.

Return logistics of transport items with TellApe

How do you ensure as a company, that you have enough transport items in house for continuous delivery? This starts with knowing where the transport items are. If you know where your transport items are, you can give drivers direct tasks to return. In the planning you can see when the customer will be delivered again, then a return order can be given directly to the driver with a delivery order.

Insight into the transport items is therefore crucial for efficient return logistics. TellApe gives the administrator the tools needed to create that insight. TellApe registrates the transport items movement at the time of the transfer. When the driver hand over the transport items to the customer, he enters this into the app and has it signed directly in the app by the recipient. With the online portal this transaction is visible within a few seconds after  the transfer is completed and registered in the app. The planner can look at this data and can change this into tasks for the driver to return the outstanding transport items.

Intake of return logistics

There is also a possibility that customers are bringing back the returnable transport items themselves. For this matter we designed the load/unload application. In this case the warehouse worker registers the transport items . The warehouse worker can register this transaction with the loading/ unloading application. After the transaction is made, you see as administrator the balances with every customer. All the the outstanding, incomming and the current stock of your transport items. As a result the balance will change real-time in the online portal ass well and you have a good overview of your transport items.


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