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On Thursday April 12th we organized the first workshop with customers and potential customers of TellApe to talk development. We organized this brainstorm workshop with Online Department in their office in Rotterdam. In the preparation of the brainstorm session we asked the participants: “What inspires you and we like to see some pictures of this.’’ We started in the afternoon with the inspiration of the participants and we started with this mindset the first brainstorm session. Online Department did a short introduction for the brainstorm topics.

After discussing the first brainstorm topic we all drawn our ideas on paper for the visualization of the ideas. With a short pitch about your drawing and your own vision, it was time to choose the best solution. We received very positive reactions about the brainstorm workshop. In the mean time we are further with the first concept of the development of TellApe. We will certainly plan more brainstorms with customers and potential customers.

Michel Konijn

Michel Konijn started in April at TellApe as a graduate trainee. He will soon finish the course Business Studies at University Inholland in Diemen. He is currently in his last year at Inholland and he will focus on his graduation research at TellApe. Michel will focus on the problems with packaging: the packaging administration and packaging registration and what about the packaging management? We hope that Michel can answer these questions so that we can help more companies with their packaging challenge! Maybe Michel will contact you shortly, to ask if you would like to volunteer to participate in the research. Do you want to participate in the research? Let Michel know by sending him a mail:


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