TellApe is in overdrive on development! We started in the summer of 2018 to expand on the  logistic load carrier registration system, aiming to develop it to a the logistic load carrier administration system! The future for such an integrated approach is indeed very  promising. We are going to build TellApe into a logistic load carrier management system (LLCMS) and eventually incorporate a logistic load carrier electronic databank! Curious? Keep reading to learn more about all of the TellApe developments!

Drivers app

TellApe started with the drivers app at the end of 2017. This app enables drivers -who are responsible for transporting the load carriers- to quickly and easily register all load carrier changes. Imagine: each load carrier counted, registered and acknowledged at each loading and unloading moment (with counterparty verification) in a minute. In the upcoming months we will test the app with drivers from different industries. We will incorporate the feedback to make the app even more user friendly and relevant.

The driver registers his load carriers at each loading and offloading moment swiftly and can include extra messages when / where relevant. If there is a (dock) employee who receives the goods, he or she can sign-off on the app directly. This double verification of the transaction will appear within a few seconds at the online web portal. This makes the overview real-time and validates the load carrier transaction for both counterparts: no discussion in hindsight!

Once the driver has registered his transaction, a packaging receipt is automatically exchanged with the counterparty. TellApe immediately sends an overview to predefined mail addresses with this (load carrier) transaction. This implies that both parties are immediately aware of the accumulated load carrier balance.

App for the loader/ unloader

To expand TellApe functionality to also involve loading and unloading addresses. We started with full-time development in the summer of 2018. First we documented and analysed the tasks and work of the load & unload employee. Then, we designed different workflows that best support their job and implemented these in the app.

It was quickly acknowledge that the data that is required for the CMR also contains the details that need to be entered in TellApe. The transporter details, the trading counterpart and the location of loading and unloading. As extra element we built in the option to enter the licence plate of the truck that is transporting the load carriers. This makes the information in TellApe extra relevant and  valuable.

In the app there is always the possibility to place a comment with every logistic load carrier transaction. You can easily validate the transaction with a signature from the counterpart. As a result, you never have to worry about a discussion afterwards about the carts or crates that have been issued or taken. With the agreement for every transaction, the administration is updated for both parties.

Online web portal for the administration

The web portal of TellApe has had a huge make-over as consequence of the above developments. We have been scaling up from a MVP packaging registration in six months to a fully-fledged load carrier administration.

The application now offers clear and transparent overviews, such as the balances by counterpart, for the relevant users. Each transaction can be viewed with all the relevant details displayed. We are still elaborating on different screens and reports to give further insight.

The balances distinguish the load carrier type per location and show you the real-time balance. Such overviews give insight and enable you to make subsequent financial bookings, such as transfers and adjustments. This functionality will simplify and improve Logistic load carrier administration.


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Future of TellApe developments

We aim to develop TellApe into a fully-fledged load carrier management system. Using state of the art applications and a user-friendly platform we want to support our customers to get a grip on their load carriers and manage them more effectively. Curious about these developments? Sign up for our newsletter!

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