Do you work with deposits and rented packaging? It is useful to execute checks and cross checks. In this blog we will tell you about why it is important to do checks and cross checks and what the risks are if you don’t. Would you like to learn more about the importance of checks and cross checks or how to carry them out? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Incoming and outgoing flows

Outgoing flows are usually tracked through sales orders in the ERP system. The ERP is designed in such a way that purchasing, sales, finance, stock management, CRM, order processing and production work together optimally. In most ERP systems, it is not possible to get a good overview of the packaging balances.

The purchasing order from a supplier often also provides insight into the incoming packaging. The delivery notes give insight in the goods, including the returnable transport items. However, the return flow isn’t secured anywhere and must be maintained manually. This often presents a major challenge, because registering the packaging is often forgotten.

Pooling packaging

The purchasing and sales process can often still be checked with the physical packaging receipts. Where it becomes more difficult to perform checks, is when pooling packaging is used. With the use of pooling packaging, you have to deal with rental systems. These are based on annual, monthly, weekly and daily rental. In addition, some pooling companies also use their own portals in which packaging changes are tracked. On the basis of these mutations, balances and rent are then calculated.

Checks and cross checks

To ensure that you do not pay too much rent or that no packaging is lost, it is wise to carry out checks and cross checks. It is sensible to check the purchase and sales orders next to the numbers of packaging transactions registered in the pool partner’s portal.

Purchase and sales orders are often given on paper. This leads to extra work when making a good overview of the balances. Performing a check and cross check with the balance of a pooling partner is therefore difficult.

With digital transactions you can see more quickly which packaging changes have been made. You can check at a glance whether the packaging on the sales order matches the outgoing packaging. Via the portal of the pooling partner, you can then easily cross check whether this number also corresponds with this transaction.


Digitizing the packaging administration provides more insights and a better overview. This makes it possible to perform checks and cross checks and insight is created in the internal administration. In addition, the external administration of the pooling partner can be checked.

This ensures that no unnecessary rental costs are paid and less packaging is lost. This generates money at the end of the year, which otherwise goes to packaging costs.

Isn’t that what every company wants?

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